Why Choose Us?



To solve the problems of the present and create an enlightened future, we bring together the greatest minds on the planet and provide them with the tools they need in order to let their imaginations take science to its most illustrious conclusion.

Over the last one hundred years, six hundred and sixty-six of our employees have won numerous international prizes, with sixty-six of them receiving the coveted Martin Grumberg Award for World-Changing Innovation.



At Temporalis International we provide our team with the means and support to make their dreams reality. If they want to work 24/7 we feel it is our duty to make our workplace habitable for them, providing nutritious and exquisitely prepared food, spa and gym facilities and personal sleeping quarters. Great minds are intrinsically disciplined – they only need to be freed from the clutter of everyday concerns.



Our founders, the Clockmaker’s Guild of Zurich, had no illusions about how long their quest for knowledge would take – and their patience is a core value of Temporalis International. Because we are a privately owned firm, we do not suffer the pressures of stockholders and marketplace. Our majority owners and directors, the progeny of Markus Totenbaum, know that greatness cannot be rushed.

Meet Some of Our Team

  • Tanya Totenbaum, CEO
    A descendant of Markus Totenbaum, Tanya has served as our Chief Executive Officer since graduating from Oxford University with a double PhD in Physics and Biochemistry. Under her guidance, the corporation has expanded its mandate to include the development of such societal stabilizing tools as sonic muffling technology, micro-drones, and nanobots to improve life for everyone.
  • Dr. Guillerma Rapapetua, Head of Biodiversity
    Dr. Rapapetua’s department has been responsible for developing some of the most significant contributions to combat desertification, famine and disease. Her team has created a portable solar-powered food processor that converts insects into a high yield protein source, and semi-natural cures for Malaprop’s Disease, Amorpho Type A, Pseudonymoxa and Synutopiatic dysfunction – to name only a few. Five-time winner of the Martin Shleffinsky Humanitarian Science Prize, Dr. Rapapetua is currently developing a climate manipulation device in our Sahara Desert laboratories.
  • Melvin Blackwater III, Board Member
    Mr. Blackwater graduated at the top of his class at the Harvard Business School. He served as Undersecretary of Commerce and later as Minister of Defense, overseeing the successful regime change in thirteen countries. Since his retirement from public affairs, he has become a crucial advisor to many major corporations, including the United Nations, Nuclear Tech and Toxican Unlimited – and a key board member of Temporalis International.
  • Dr. Conrad Ink, Head of Research
    Dr. Ink began his tenure at Temporalis International two years ago at the age of 18. He had already patented twenty inventions while still in elementary school, and received his doctorate in Quantum Physics from MIT when only fifteen. In the last year alone, Dr. Ink produced the Singularity Extractor© and the Monofilament Hydrator©. He is a leader in the continuing development of DNA computers.